To do: Get a prototype of the game and send it to so I can post a page with all differences there (since I have played the game, if I see a difference in a prototype, I know how it looks like in the final)

The beta version is an earlier version of a game. It mostly contains content not seen in the final game.

Beetle Adventure Racing! has dozen of unused content, all of them will be listed below.

Menu Edit

  • Beetle Battle was known as Bug Hunt. Your objective was to fight against your friends to get the nine ladybugs. In the final, the objective is the same, but you can only collect six instead of nine.
  • There is a model of the normally used "Mount Mayhem" track seen in the main menu, but without any objects or cars.
  • No menu tracks exist for Coventry Cove, Metro Madness or Wicked Woods. If the menu tracks were included in the final game, they would have been used for some scrapped menu options.

Any track Edit

  • CPU beetles could take shortcuts at one time. It was scrapped before the game's release, however a CPU beetle can be seen taking a shortcut in the "Single Player" menu track.

Coventry Cove Edit

  • Originally you had to turn left and right into the bridge. There is a tree where the original route did go.
  • Right after the house outside of the town, you had to turn right and then left. After a while, you had to turn left into the current route. A tree is where the original route did go.

Mount Mayhem Edit

  • The sky model used by this track was also going to be visible from the town.

Inferno Isle Edit

  • A shortcut was planned. The train would go above it.
  • The small little route in the beginning of the town did not exist in the beta.

Sunset Sands Edit

  • One door and three windows was in place for the turn right-left sign in the beta.

Metro Madness Edit

  • Two skies exist. They have the same texture, but one isn't used at all. 10 is used by TRACK 8, 9 and 10 (all of these three don't appear in the final game in the track list) and 19 is used by Metro Madness and it's INTRO track. There are no differences, apart from the location of both skies.

Wicked Woods Edit

  • The haunted house had different textures. The Ghosts looked different too.