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Checker board with several test objects

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Can race?


How to access

GameShark only



CHECKER BOARD (Checker Board, also CHEACKER BOARD, Cheacker Board) is a track in Beetle Adventure Racing!. It is inaccessible normally, but can be accessed through the Debug Menu or by using GameShark code 80025D37 0003.

Unlike most other courses, it will spawn you endlessly above Water-96 (much like mysterious tracks), making it impossible to explore the track. Using a model viewer reveals it is a huge checker board with several big boxes. It also makes use of the unused white ball, which can be found on the top of the hills on a few spots. The big boxes and the white balls are all objects and load along with the track model, disabling SOBJS (Scene Objects) will make them invisible.

It appears to have some sort of fog.

A massive amount of mysterious tracks send you to CHECKER BOARD, but they change the sky model and sometimes the start position. 23 and 24's start positions are close enough for the player to see the track, and 4E... sets the second player's start position on the track model itself (albeit glitchy at first, after some respawns, it is possible to see the track), making it possible to explore the track and do experiments on it!

It shares the sky with ROUND TRACK.