Chrome Beetle
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Top speed

400 km/h (249 mp/h)




Chrome Beetle is a Special-type Beetle and the fourteenth one. It is located between AI Beetle and Technical Beetle 10. With a top speed of 400 km/h (249 mp/h), it is the fastest beetle in the game. The highest speed achieved in all categories at the moment is 138768 km/h (86227 mp/h).

It is the strangest beetle in the game, as it has abilities that would seem impossible to do normally (like when making a "O", the car will be "disconnected" from the wheels on the right side and sometimes it will go down to the ground. In some cases, the underside or the right side might become invisible). It is not present in the Car Select because it is reserved for certain parts of the game. Using the GameShark code 81025E28 000D would make it possible to use it. The Car Select shows that it has no stats available for the beetle.

Techniques Edit

Hard spin Edit


Chrome Beetle is able to make a hard spin (both left and right). It may suddenly face another direction, and sometimes, even send it away, which can sometimes result into very high speed.

Notes Edit

  • Can get a top speed of 400 km/h (249 mp/h) regardless of terrain.
  • Can in most cases try to keep it's speed when it makes a turn.
  • Can beat Hard and Expert AI by seconds if it is well-driven.
  • When stopped, it may become glitchy for itself.

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