An environment is a skybox that surrounds a track. Outside the skybox is nothing but Waterium-96 and a selected color.

Debug features Edit

  • EDIT ENV: Pressing this button would open up the assigned editor, where the person could modify most of the settings of the selected environment. In the final version, all that happens is the button being pressed.
  • PRINT ENV: Pressing this button would send selected parts of the environment to an assigned printer, where the person could look at. In the final version, all that happens is the button being pressed.

List of environments Edit

General Edit

Image Number Appearance
BeetleEnvironment0 0 Menuized version of 17, without any Sunset Sands landmarks
BeetleEnvironmentGray 1 Gray
BeetleEnvironmentBlack 2 Black
BeetleEnvironment3 3 Light-blue
BeetleEnvironmentUndefinasine 4 Undefinasine appearance
5 Same as 4
6 Same as 4
7 Same as 4
BeetleEnvironment8 8 Similar to color used in skybox of 0
BeetleEnvironmentGray 9 Same as 1
BeetleEnvironment10 10 Duplicate of 19
11 Same as 4
BeetleEnvironment12 12 Light-blue sky with moving clouds
BeetleEnvironment13 13 Dark, orange sky with black clouds, a moon and a sun, Undefinasine appearance outside of skybox
BeetleEnvironment14 14 Sky with clouds, with a "farming field" in front of main sky
BeetleEnvironment15 15 Dark sky with a moon and clouds
BeetleEnvironment16 16 A forest with a lake and some mountains. Bottom is of Undefinasine-style.
BeetleEnvironment17 17 Some sort of yellow-orange light sunset sky with pyramids and some other pieces
BeetleEnvironment18 18 Like 12, but a bit different and a big lake
BeetleEnvironment19 19 Dark sunset sky with a city along the sky, town buildings and a mysterious wall piece
BeetleEnvironmentBlack 20 Same as 2
BeetleEnvironment21 21 White
BeetleEnvironment22 22 Some sort of purple-like color, with moving clouds and a big lake
BeetleEnvironmentBlack 23 Same as 2
BeetleEnvironment24 24 Just some sort of color

Undefinasine Edit

Image Number Appearance
UNDEFINED -103 Black, reflects whatever is in front of it
UNDEFINED -95 You already know...