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MULT 10 (Multiplayer Track 10) is a track in Beetle Adventure Racing!. It is inaccessible normally, but can be accessed through the debug menu or by using the GameShark code 80025D37 001A.

It is a texture-less arena with pyramid-like structures and a little more...

If the player attempts to start a Beetle Battle on MULT 10, the game will freeze. In order to battle on the track, it is recommended that the radar is off, otherwise the game freezes. Once the beetles are on the surface of MULT 10, no boxes or ladybugs spawn despite that pads for them exist. The exit (when the goal is met) is on the top of a red "platform" that goes up.

Track value 43 shares its track model with MULT 10, but has sky UNDEFINED 37 and triggers 668 glitch atoms when the player attempts to race there.

Names in other languages Edit

The arena doesn't have a proper name.

Language Name Meaning
Japanese (not translated)

Gallery Edit

Pads for ladybugs & boxes Edit

  • B = ladybug
  • Round test objects = boxes

There are 8 ladybugs and boxes. The layout appears to be that of the one of Volcano.

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Unused: MULT 10

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