A mysterious track is a Vanalker term for a track located beyond track value 21 (FINISH). In most cases, they are just using used track models and might use undefined skies. Sometimes, a track might use a sky that does exist and can be switched to. Most of these mysterious tracks might not even load when trying to race on them; a model viewer (via the Debug Menu) is required to explore the track. Most mysterious tracks have blank names, but not all of them.

For tracks located before NONE (00), the term "minus tracks" should be used instead.

These tracks are not included in the Debug Menu which causes it to crash while the player attempts to take it up (when the GameShark code with any of the covered values is used). 29 is the only tested track that does not cause this, however.

List of mysterious tracks Edit

This is a list of all known mysterious tracks:

22, 23, 24 and 98 have been confirmed to work on all Project64 versions (at least up to 2.1), while all others only work on Project64 Version 1.6. Vanalker cannot confirm if they work on a physical Nintendo 64, if you want to do this yourself, use the GameShark code 80025D37 00??, and then use any of the track values below.

Name (if any) Track value Can race on? Notes
22 Yes
23 Yes
24 Yes
26 Yes
29 No
2A No
2C No Not present in European version
E 32 Yes Not present in European version
41 Yes Not present in European version
42 Yes A CHECKER BOARD track
43 Yes Different track data in European version
4E Yes
51 No
60 No
6A No
6D No
87 No
8C No
91 No
93 No
98 Yes
9A No
9E No
B6 Yes
C3 Yes
C4 Yes
C5 Yes
C6 Yes
C7 Yes
C8 Yes
C9 Yes
CA Yes
CB Yes
CC Yes
CD Yes
CE Yes
CF Yes
D0 Yes
D1 Yes
D2 Yes
D3 Yes
D4 Yes
D5 Yes
D6 Yes
D7 Yes
D8 Yes
D9 Yes
DA Yes
DB Yes
ED Yes
EE Yes
EF Yes
F0 Yes
F2 No
F9 No
FE Yes